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Dean Mullis: An odd little frog comes a-visitin’

For about a week, I have been hearing a strange noise that, to me, sounded like a weird bird call. Almost like the shrill of a red-tailed hawk. I would hear it mostly during the day and early evening. Every time I heard it, I would start walking around trying to figure where the noise was coming from.

Tuesday night, I am in my workshop and hear the noise and it severely startled me. It was loud!

I begin to look around and see a little frog sitting calmly on a shelf. I have seen him in the barn a few times and wondered why he was there in black snake central with no water source. So I set out a shallow pan of water.

I think it is either a leopard frog or a pickerel frog.

I spent way too much time at the US Geological Survey frog quiz and call site, but nothing sounded like my barn frog.

Apparently, North Carolina has six species of toads and 24 species of frogs, and you can listen to them all at the above site.

Dean Mullis writes from Laughing Owl Farm in Richfield.