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Eco-groups: Keep your sushi green

Sushi lovers, it's time to say sayonara to toro (aka bluefin tuna). Hamachi (yellowtail), too. And for the time being, you can forget about ordering those freshwater eel and avocado rolls – unagi is also a big environmental no-no.

That's the latest advice from three ocean conservation groups. Wallet-size sushi guides are available online via Blue Ocean Institute, Environmental Defense Fund and Monterey Bay Aquarium. But the message is the same no matter which card you print out: Avoid red-listed sushi and seek out more abundant and better managed species.

They're hoping that the next time you get a hankering for raw fish and vinegared rice, you'll consider “greener” choices, such as wild Alaskan salmon (sake), North American Albacore tuna (shiro maguro) or Pacific halibut (hirame), to name a few. They're considered “best” because they come from well-managed fisheries with little or no risk of contaminants.