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April is the time to celebrate lawn-mower beers

April is N.C. Beer Month, which might seem like one of those arbitrary celebrations until you see the full calendar of beer events at It’s also Lawn and Garden Month, which will seem just as fitting to anyone who has seen their grass growing as fast as our state’s brewery scene lately.

So while these two months might seem disparate at first glance, they can be celebrated at the same time. After all, who among us hasn’t spent a day working in the yard, only to come out of the sun in search of a cold beer?

There’s a term for those quenching, quaffable beers best enjoyed after grueling work, and it’s a straightforward one: lawn-mower beers. For many, that means a cheap light lager in a can – but it doesn’t have to be light on flavor.

Here’s a six-pack of N.C.-brewed beers that offer lots of refreshment without compromising on flavor or complexity. All of them should be available in local beer stores except the Mother Earth, which is arriving this week. And they all come in cans, in case your mower has one of those fancy cup holders. They’re all between $1.75 and $2 a can or slightly less per can for a six-pack at Good Bottle Co.