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Roasted radishes make omelets an earthy treat

Roasting radishes may be one of my favorite spring treats. The bite of raw radishes gives way to a sweet, earthy flavor once they’ve spent some time in the oven. An omelet might seem like an odd pairing for these radishes, but I love the roasted radish flavor alongside eggs and herbs.

When I was in college and trying to eat healthier after my freshman year of binging, I turned to eating egg white omelets most mornings. The same guy would always man the omelet station (he was pretty legendary), and I studied his technique every day.

I have this intense studying to thank for my ability to make omelets with ease. With proper equipment – an 8-inch nonstick skillet and sturdy spatula, along with a good-sized pat of butter – an omelet comes together fairly quickly and can be filled with so many good things.

For this omelet, I recommend making or finding fresh ricotta. Also, I prefer the mellow flavor of the French breakfast radish, but roasting some of the other, more common varieties work as well.

Erin Alderson is a writer for, a website for food and home cooking.