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For extra-delicious pizza dough, add butter

Butter makes everything better, even pizza dough. In fact, folding a little butter into pizza dough is my favorite way to take store-bought pizza dough to the next level – especially when I’m making a flaky, golden-crusted skillet pizza like this one for dinner.

These days, you can get decent pizza dough at most grocery stores. On its own, it’s great for making a basic thin-crust pizza. But add a little butter to that dough and you can make a pizza with flaky, buttery layers. It’s an extra-special treat to perk up your weeknight.

To make those flaky layers, you roll the dough out, spread on a few tablespoons of softened butter and then fold the dough into thirds over itself. Repeat this two times and you’ll create lots of nice layers.

Once that’s done, you can roll out the dough and place it in your skillet. If your skillet is well-seasoned, you won’t even need to oil it.

I really like making skillet pizzas deep-dish style. This means pizza with a little more heft and with the layers built in reverse: cheese, peppers, pepperoni and sauce last. Obviously, you could use any toppings here, but I like to keep it simple.

This pizza will take about an hour to bake and will make your house smell like a Chicago pizzeria.

Nick Evans is a writer for, a website for home cooking.