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Hide & Go Eat: The answers to our restaurant quiz

Can you take a gamble on where this LeRoy Neiman painting is hiding?
Can you take a gamble on where this LeRoy Neiman painting is hiding? Kathleen Purvis

Note to self: Don’t make quizzes too hard.

We knew our restaurant scavenger hunt, Hide & Go Eat, would be challenging. But apparently, you’re so focused on your plate, your surroundings don’t stand out. Even adding a second set of clues didn’t help.

We have a winner, though: Jamie Sunnycalb, who got the most number of clues correct. Jamie gets the prize, a $70 gift card at Carpe Diem.

And here are the answers:

1. Buddha: Look for him near the kitchen at Barrington’s. Chef/owner Bruce Moffett has a lucky Buddha in all of his restaurants, including Good Food on Montford and Stagioni. Moffett’s rule is that someone has to give him the Buddha. When one was swiped from Good Food, he had to wait for someone to give him another.

2. Founding Father: That stern portrait is in the window at Rhino Market. Owner Rob Rondelez says it’s 170 years old, and it’s the great-great-grandfather of Shannon Hughes, president of the Wesley Heights neighborhood association.

3. LeRoy Neiman: The colorful painting is in a back dining room at the Open Kitchen. Owner Christina Skiouris says someone gave it to her father, co-founder Steve Kokenes, in the 1970s. They don’t know the name of it, so they just call it “The Gamblers.”

4. Baseball bat: It’s near the door at Alexander Michael’s in Fourth Ward. Zan (AKA Alexander) Copeland, one of the original owners, was involved in Little League and was given the presentation bat in 2011.

5. Fish in a bowl: He resides behind the bar at Georges Brasserie in SouthPark. While his official name is George, the bartenders give him their own nicknames, like Gill or Fin.

6. “Lot and His Two Daughters”: It hangs above the bar at Bonterra, on loan from the collection of retired banker Hugh McColl. Painted by Johann Carl Loth in 1658, it shows Lot being seduced by his daughters after the destruction of Sodom. Owner J.D. Duncan thinks it’s the perfect for his restaurant, located in a former church: “It’s got religion, it’s got wine, it’s got romance.”

7. Peacock in full flight: You can see it soaring across a wall at Soul Gastrolounge.

8. The elf on the shelf: He dangles behind the bar at the Fig Tree. Every year, the restaurant puts up a Christmas tree with an ornament for every employee. One year, a bartender didn’t want to see his ornament go, so he hung it up to keep the Christmas spirit all year.

9. Tool-shaped beer taps: They decorate the draft beer array at the original Block & Grinder. Owner Jed Kampe says even regulars overlook them and think they’re been recently added. But they’ve been there since it opened.

10. Mona Lisa with a cleaver and fish hook: This one is really in plain sight – it’s on the McDowell Street side of the new Meat & Fish Co. Michael LaVecchia saw a similar mural on the side of a boutique hotel in Miami. It’s actually a large screen print that’s pasted on the wall.

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