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5 tips for taking great snow photos

1. FOOTPRINTS: Want a photo of your home in the new fallen, pristine snow? Don't walk out the front door and leave a trail of footprints. Instead, slip out the back door and take a long walk around to the front, so you don't leave a trail.

2. GET DOWN: Get a low-angle shot of your kids and pets. Kneel down on their level to show them in the snow.

3. PROTECT THE CAMERA: Keep your camera dry while out in the snow. You can use a sandwich bag to keep out the moisture.

4. ACTION: In addition to the posed shots, get shots of your family in action. Join in the fun as you capture images of sledding, shoveling and snowball-throwing.

5. EXPOSURE: Bright, white snow can be tricky for your camera to make the proper exposure. Don't set your exposure for the snow, or all your images will come out too dark. Expose for the subjects in your photo.

Todd Sumlin, Observer photographer

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