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5 fun ideas for your family on a snowy day

Hot cocoa hits the spot on a cold and snowy day.
Hot cocoa hits the spot on a cold and snowy day. Detroit Free Press / TNS

With most schools expected to be closed and many activities canceled, it’s a perfect day to stay home and do things you usually don’t make time for. Here are some ideas to get you started. You’ll find more at

1 Paint on snow with washable paint and paintbrushes. Or fill squirt bottles – empty shampoo or syrup bottles, for instance – with water tinted with food coloring. Squirt a design in the snow.

2 Create ice candles. Fill a bucket, pail or plastic container with water. (If you want a colored ice candle, add food coloring.) Place a can or plastic cup in the center, and weigh it down with rocks, marbles or dried beans. To keep the cup from drifting to the side, place an inverted saucepan lid on top. (The lid’s knob holds the cup in place.) Put outside to freeze.

Once it’s frozen, remove the block of ice from the container, running warm water over it to loosen, if necessary. Then pull out the can or cup. You can loosen it by filling with warm water.

Now, the fun part: Place a votive candle in the well you’ve created. Light it, place on the porch or deck and enjoy the shimmery glow.

3 Be a snow scientist. Catch some blowing snowflakes on black construction paper and examine them outside with a magnifying glass.

4 Make a bird feeder out of an empty plastic milk jug. Cut out a window in front of the jug, then cut two small holes for perches. Insert pencils for the perches and fill the bottom of the jug with bird seed.

5 Make a traditional snow-day treat – hot chocolate or snow cream or both. Recipes follow.

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