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Wingate partners with Virginia medical school

Wingate University has announced a partnership with the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine that will help Wingate’s premedical students get admitted to medical school.

VCOM, based in Blacksburg, Va., with a campus in Spartanburg, will guarantee admission to up to 15 Wingate graduates each year who complete Wingate’s pre-med program and meet VCOM’s criteria. VCOM will also offer Wingate undergraduates priority consideration for early acceptance.

Wingate President Jerry McGee said an increasing number of Wingate students choose to become physicians because of the school’s health science programs, but there are often are not enough openings in medical schools for qualified students.

VCOM is a private nonprofit school that trains osteopathic doctors who have the same privileges as medical doctors but generally put more emphasis on holistic care and the musculoskeletal system. It encourages its graduates to work in rural areas or with underserved populations in the Southern Appalachian region. Karen Garloch