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Got a holiday ho-ho-horror story? Let’s hear it

Bubbles, the cat who wrecked Christmas
Bubbles, the cat who wrecked Christmas Paula Wilkerson

Sooner or later, it happens: a holiday fiasco.

For the Wilkersons, it came about 20 years ago, when my wife Paula and I saw Bubbles the cat fly out from under the Christmas tree like her tail was on fire.

Moments later, the whole thing comes crashing to the floor, smashing irreplaceable ornaments, taking out a string of lights and generally making one sad, hellacious mess. A few days later, I was in the basement, when water starts pouring from the ceiling. I made a flash calculation on what was directly above.

Groan. The tree.

The stand had spontaneously sprung a leak, possibly because of Bubbles’ earlier handiwork. Ever try to remove a fully re-decorated tree from a stand and put it in a new one? You don’t. You un-decorate it. Wire it to the wall and re-re-decorate it.

Because the holidays are all about sharing, we want you to share your holiday nightmares with readers – stories you still tell today that didn’t seem qui-i-i-i-ite so hilarious at the time.

Email your story, about 150 words max, to and send a photo of the disaster if you have one. Best one gets a $50 gift card. You could also take a shot at telling your story in a smartphone video and sending that in. We’ll run some of the stories Dec. 19. Roland Wilkerson