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Wisdom for dads – from dads

In time for Father's Day, new books yield plenty of wit and wisdom for dads and granddads:

“Quarterback Dad: A Play-by-Play Guide to Tackling Your New Baby” is by Bobby Mercer, a high school football coach who is a stay-at-home father. His words of wisdom include: “If you are the quarterback, then mom becomes the head coach in baby decisions. She makes all of the big decisions about the baby.” Be prepared to be overruled.

Another fun gift for dad is “Dadgummit: More Dadisms” (Andrews McNeel Publishing, $9.95, 2005) by Cathy Hamilton: “Where do you think you're going?” “I wear the pants in the family.” “Don't be a blabbermouth.” “What do I look like, the Power and Light Company?” “Someday you'll thank me.” All these phrases and more get humorous explanations.

For ideas for dad and his kids, try “The Outdoor Handy Book for Playground, Field and Forest,” (Skyhorse Publishing, $12.95, 2008) by Daniel Carter Beard. A Scout master, Beard suggests games, sports and projects for all seasons. “A raft that will sail.” “How to collect worms.” “The lastest things in kites.” And “Sports for hot days.” In a book dads can give to their own fathers, “Grandpa Rules: Notes on Grandfatherhood, The World's Best Job” (Skyhorse Publishing, $12.95, 2008), Michael Milligan warns: “It usually takes about two days to recover from a weekend of activity with your grandkids.” Also, the first grandchild gets naming rights, hence Milligan is named “Buh-Buh.”

No need for an alarm clock when grandkids are sleeping over. No matter what time you wake up in the morning, your grandchild will wake up at least 30 minutes earlier, writes Milligan, who has a career in comedy writing. And Grandma says: “Don't get any big ideas” about romance when grandchildren are asleep next to your bedroom.