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Rush Limbaugh: 'No' means 'yes' if you know how to spot it

Rush Limbaugh thinks Ohio State University's sexual conduct policy, which states that consent must be given at 'every step of the way,' is ruining romance.

"How many of you guys in your own experience with women have learned that 'no' means 'yes' if you know how to spot it?" he asked on "The Rush Limbaugh Show" Monday.

On the show, Limbaugh read Ohio State University's definition of consent, which outlines how a couple should behave after deciding together to enter a physical relationship. It states each partner must agree to engage in the activity every step of the way, including agreeing on "why" they are taking the next step. It also requires sobriety and an absence of coercion.

Rush ridiculed the approach, saying boys used to be taught that 'no' means 'yes' and said, "Agreeing on the 'why' takes all the romance out of everything! Seduction used to be an art, now of course it's brutish and it's predatory and it's bad."