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Dating Coach: Is religion an issue for a long-term relationship?

Q. How much should a common religion factor into identifying and ensuring a long-term relationship? After all, one’s religion lasts a lifetime and can also be community involvement that fosters a relationship, right?

A. When it comes to religious differences and how they will affect a relationship, a lot is dependent on the role your religion plays in each of your lives.

If you are actively involved in your house of worship and this type of community is important to you, then you’ll probably want a committed partner who shares similar religious values.

If you are spiritual but not religious, you’ll probably want someone in your life who will share this type of belief system.

That being said, relationships involving two different religions can work as long as the two of you are accepting of your differences, supportive when your partner asks you to be and nonjudgmental about any aspect of religious or spiritual beliefs.