FedEx employee delivers more than expected for Mint Hill woman

I had ordered some natural brick mulch, and I told the company I was a disabled person who needed the delivery to be behind my gate on the deck and not on the front stairs. Unfortunately, when the heavy boxes were delivered, they ended up on the front stairs.

I quickly called FedEx and a very nice woman transferred me to the terminal. A FedEx employee – Chris Crawford – tried his best to contact the driver, but he was out of the area and everyone else had already gone home. It was late in the day on a Saturday afternoon. Chris told me he would personally come to my home after work to move the large boxes.

He called me at 7:30 and told me he’d arrive at 8. He arrived at 8 on the dot and put those large boxes on my back deck.

It’s so nice to know that, in this day and age, people still care. Thank you, Chris Crawford, for being my everyday angel. Cynthia Blodgett, Mint Hill

Good deed for a teacher

The other day while shopping for school supplies for my Title I classroom, a gentleman in line behind me started a conversation about the large amount of crayons, markers, glue sticks, card stock and computer ink I had in my cart. He looked at me as the cashier scanned every item and said, “People don't appreciate what you teachers do. This one is on me.”

And with a smile, he paid for all the items: $77.84. The kindness and generosity of this stranger amazed me, and I want to publicly thank him. Catherine Hiney, Charlotte

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