Chemical manufacturer to close Huntersville office, relocate jobs to Houston

SABIC’s office at 9930 Kincey Ave.
SABIC’s office at 9930 Kincey Ave. Google Earth

The chemical manufacturer SABIC is closing its Huntersville office and will relocate roughly 140 jobs to Houston and other facilities next year.

SABIC, formerly GE Plastics, told employees last week that the Huntersville office will close June 29, 2018, spokeswoman Shelia Naab said. SABIC is based in Saudi Arabia.

SABIC says it is creating an additional 70 positions at the Houston location to support the company’s growing supply chain operations. If employees are relocating from Huntersville, they do not have to reapply for their jobs, she added.

“We wanted to inform employees now so that they had time to think about their personal situations and determine if a relocation is the right decision for their family,” Naab said.

The company will offer employees a trip to Houston “to learn what the city has to offer in terms of culture, events, dining, and discussions with employment agencies for job opportunities for their significant others,” she added.

“We have very talented employees in Huntersville and we are hopeful they will continue their careers with SABIC in Houston,” Naab said.

The Houston offices were not affected by the flooding from Hurricane Harvey, and the flooding doesn’t affect the relocation since it’s not happening until next June, Naab said. The company is reaching out to affected employees, she added, and donated $200,000 to the American Red Cross.

“Our hearts go out to those in the Gulf Coast area and we want to do what we can to help out. Houston is a strong town, and the people are resilient. They will overcome this,” Naab said.

The company says it does not expect customers to be negatively impacted by the relocations.

General Electric chose the Huntersville Business Park for the headquarters of its GE Polymershapes unit in 2001. SABIC purchased the unit in 2007. The Huntersville facility was also home to SABIC’s Polymershapes business, which SABIC divested in 2016.