Event planner Mary Tribble to move to Winston-Salem

Mary Tribble
Mary Tribble The Charlotte Observer

Well-known Charlotte event planner Mary Tribble is moving to Winston-Salem to be closer to her job at Wake Forest University, her alma mater.

Tribble accepted her position last summer at Wake’s University Advancement office as a senior adviser for engagement strategies, a role focused on deepening the school’s alumni engagement efforts.

When she accepted the role, the plan had been for her to work most days remotely – in Charlotte – and spend a day or two on the main campus, Tribble wrote on her website Monday.

“Over the last year, I find myself spending too much time on I-85, not from duty, but from a deep desire to maximize my impact at Wake Forest,” Tribble wrote. It was not immediately clear when Tribble will move.

In her post, Tribble likened trying to balance her career in Winston-Salem and her home in Charlotte to two “pretty and shiny” new bikes that are impossible to ride at the same time.

“I’m not doing either one justice: I constantly feel the pull of my new opportunity at Wake when I’m in Charlotte, and the tug of home when I’m in Winston-Salem,” Tribble wrote.

In the post, Tribble also said she is renting out her uptown condo, “just in case I get run out of town.”

Tribble started the corporate event planning group Tribble Creative Group in Charlotte 30 years ago, when she was 24. While there, Tribble spearheaded staging galas tied to everything from the 1991 NBA All-Star weekend to 1994’s NCAA Final Four basketball tournament.

Later, during the 2012 Democratic National Convention, Tribble served as chief of events planning for the city’s convention host committee. After the DNC, she took a year off and went to Costa Rica to write a book.

Staff writer Eric Frazier contributed.

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