When is the South End Common Market closing?

Food Truck Friday at South End on September 25, 2015.
Food Truck Friday at South End on September 25, 2015.

The Common Market, a popular deli and convenience store, is closing its South End location on July 30, co-owner Chuck Barger said Wednesday in an email.

The closure has been expected since this spring when the site of the store, other businesses and the weekly Food Truck Friday gathering was sold to make way for a new office building.

The Common Market is still looking for a new location in South End and “throughout the region,” said Barger, who co-owns the store with Blake Barnes. “Hopefully we will have more to announce by the beginning of July,” he said.

The South End Common Market has served as a meeting place for many years with its spacious courtyard. Apart from the deli it serves wines, beers and urban provisions. The owners also have a Plaza Midwood location.

The store will have a “Season Finale” farewell party on July 22, Barger said.

“Notice that this is a ‘Season Finale’ not a ‘Series Finale,’” he said. “We are just packing up the magic temporarily. We’ll be back.”