Average airfares up at Charlotte Douglas

The average cost to fly from the Queen City rose slightly in the fourth quarter last year, as domestic airfares from Charlotte Douglas International Airport remained above the national average.

A round-trip domestic ticket from Charlotte Douglas averaged $405.50 during the fourth quarter, up 0.5 percent from the same quarter a year ago. Charlotte Douglas was the 34th most expensive airport from which to fly, out of the nation’s top 100 airports.

Adjusted for inflation, airfare at Charlotte Douglas is up about 11 percent from the fourth quarter in 2010, when the recession hampered demand. Nationwide, a round-trip domestic ticket averaged $381, up 0.3 percent from the fourth quarter last year. The most expensive airport from which to fly was Huntsville, Ala., where fourth-quarter domestic airfare averaged just over $527. The cheapest was Long Beach, Calif., with an average of $248.

The importance of fees continues to grow, as airlines make more money charging for services such as checked bags and wireless Internet access on planes. Money from ticket sales made up 72 percent of airlines’ total revenue, compared with 88 percent in 1990.