Corrections and Clarifications

▪ A recipe for Pewter Rose Bistro scones that ran on 2C in Wednesday’s Carolina Living section gave incorrect instructions. The recipe calls for using baking powder, not baking soda.

▪ A story on 12A Wednesday about the N.C. Senate approving a bill to make repeatedly marking structures with graffiti a felony incorrectly stated why former Buncombe County District Attorney Ron Moore is no longer in office. He was defeated. He did not retire.

The Observer strives to be accurate and fair. Those values are crucial to our relationship with readers. We are committed to correcting our mistakes promptly. Corrections from all main Observer sections are published here. Errors on Opinion and Viewpoint are corrected on those pages. Errors from our regional publications are corrected on page 2 of those sections. If you see a mistake, call 704-358-5040 or email