Corrections and Clarifications

▪ An article on the front page of Sunday’s Observer about preparations for Charlotte’s police-shooting trial gave an inaccurate description of the N.C. Local Barbers Association. Black and white barbers were involved in holding “Cops and Barbers” meetings around the city.

▪ An article on 1B in Monday’s Observer misstated the age of Wimbledon men’s singles champion Novak Djokovic. Djokovic is 28.

▪ A story on Friday’s front page about the deck collapse in Emerald Isle included an incorrect photo in a section about state Rep. Bill Brawley. The photo actually showed former state Rep. Robert Brawley.

The Observer strives to be accurate and fair. Those values are crucial to our relationship with readers. We are committed to correcting our mistakes promptly. Corrections from all main Observer sections are published here. Errors on Opinion and Viewpoint are corrected on those pages. Errors from our regional publications are corrected on page 2 of those sections. If you see a mistake, call 704-358-5040 or email