In this yard, it’s not leaves falling from trees. It’s rabid bats

The Dark Knight takes a fall in Gonzalez’s yard
The Dark Knight takes a fall in Gonzalez’s yard WBTV

Plastic and paper mache bats are standard Halloween yard decorations this time of year, but one Huntersville woman found the real thing in her yard and it tested positive for rabies.

Jenna Gonzalez told the Observer’s news partner WBTV that she was trying to decorate her Huntersville home for Halloween when an animal fell out of a tree and hissed at her.

Yes, hissed like a cat.

She quickly realized it was a bat. Maybe even a zombie bat, considering its batty demeanor. “I looked very sick like it was dying,” she told WBTV. “I have two dogs and a 3-year-old here, and I didn't want any of them to touch it.”

A neighbor helped capture the bat in a box. Then Gonzalez notified Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control, which conducted an investigation.

A few days later, Gonzalez learned the Dark Knight had fallen because it had rabies, WBTV reports.

“I was just shocked,” said Gonzalez. “It's like something you think happens out in the country, not in the suburbs of Huntersville.”

Bats and raccoons are the animals most likely to test positive for rabies in Mecklenburg County, Melissa Knicely of Animal Care and Control told WBTV. Thirteen animals have tested positive for rabies this year in Mecklenburg County, two of them bats, she added.

“If you see a nocturnal animal that’s out during the daytime, something is not right there,” Gonzalez told WBTV.