Mecklenburg school nurse supervisor arrested in murder-for-hire plot

A Mecklenburg County school nurse supervisor accused of trying to hire someone to kill her ex-husband was arrested Tuesday, according to federal criminal complaint.

Last month, Fathia-Anna Davis contacted a man and tried to hire him to kill her ex-husband or find someone else to do it, the documents said.

In a memo to county commissioners and officials, County Manager Dena Diorio said that Davis is employed by the county health department. The county released a statement Wednesday that Davis has been suspended without pay “pending outcome of the charges.”

Diorio said she doesn’t think that Davis worked at a school, but worked as a supervisor at the annex of the county’s Hal Marshall Center off North Tryon Street.

The county manager also believes that Davis had been hired by Carolinas Healthcare System and was transferred to the Mecklenburg health department when that duty was transitioned to the county in 2013.

“If it’s a new hire, we always do criminal background checks,” Diorio said. “In this case, our agreement was just to take CHS’s employees. We didn’t make those employees reapply for their jobs and didn’t do a background check on them.”

The allegation against Davis “is not related to her work with Mecklenburg County,” Diorio wrote to officials. “We are cooperating fully with law enforcement.”

In 2009, a court case was started as Davis and her husband contested child custody and child support, court records show. They divorced in 2011. A year later, Davis got a temporary restraining order against her ex-husband. That year, she was charged with misdemeanor simple assault against him.

Police say Davis set up meetings with people she thought would kill her ex-husband.

The court documents say that meeting happened like this:

On Jan. 21, the man Davis tried to hire told Charlotte police that he’d been solicited to commit murder. Eight days later, two CMPD detectives assigned as task force officers for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives met with the man.

“The concerned citizen advised that Fathia Davis approached him and asked him to murder her ex-husband,” the court document said. “When the concerned citizen told Davis he would not murder her ex-husband, Davis asked (him) to find someone to commit the murder.”

Davis, the man said, persisted in her requests to find someone to commit the murder. She sent the man multiple texts with the same request.

He agreed to introduce Davis to two men he said might carry out her request. They were the undercover detectives.

That introduction was made Feb. 15. Davis agreed to pay the detectives $4,000 to shoot her ex-husband, records show. She guided the detectives to her ex-husband’s house, showed them an old photograph of her former spouse and told them she’d draw a $300 deposit from an ATM “right now.”

At a grocery store, she pointed out her ex-husband and their daughter when they suddenly showed up next to the meeting location.

The detectives told Davis to meet the following week with a current photograph and a $500 deposit.

On Sunday, she met with the detectives a second time and showed them she had the full $4,000, but only paid them the $500 deposit, records show.

The detectives said Davis was given several opportunities to withdraw her request and she said she knew “this is final.” She was told to call if she changed her mind.

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