Bed Bath & Beyond bandits led police on 120 mph chase over stolen vacuums

Cedric Lowery
Cedric Lowery

The two desperadoes who led police on a 120 mph chase through Gaston County Monday were on the run after stealing vacuum cleaners from a Bed Bath & Beyond, reports the Gaston Gazette.

Cedric Danate Lowery Jr. has been charged with common law robbery, fleeing arrest and possession of stolen property, after stopping the car just off Interstate 85 northbound lane and taking off into the woods, the Gazette reports.

Gastonia Police assisted state troopers in a manhunt that led to the arrests of both Lowery and Michael Lee Willis, each of whom now faces charges of common law robbery and probation violation.

The two are accused of stealing stole two Dyson vacuum cleaners from the Bed Bath & Beyond at 401 Cox Road, the Gazette reports. The clerk who reported the robbery claimed to have been assaulted by one of the suspects.

The clerk told the Gazette only one person robbed her inside the store. She said the man got into a silver car, at which point the man behind the wheel threatened to hit her with a lead pipe, the Gazette said.

During a chase by troopers, the car hit the guardrail multiple times and stopped just short of the Marietta Street overpass, the Gazette said. The suspects then fled into the woods.