Charlotte high school student claims she was jumped by teens after school

By Alex Giles, Reporter

Hopewell High School senior Nell Brown said she was attacked by several teenagers after school Wednesday.

She said the incident unfolded across the street from a church along Beatties Ford Road.

Brown told WBTV that earlier in the day she had been in a fight with another girl who had been bullying her. She said the fight was recorded on a cellphone and posted on social media by one of her peers. She claims the bully instigated the fight and forced her into the altercation.

“I couldn’t take it no more so I had to stand up for myself,” explained Brown. “My mom told me never to run away from a fight at all, so I didn’t.”

The fight was broken up by other teens watching the scrum. It’s what happened after the altercation that has Brown and her mother worried.

“It was over, but obviously not,” said Brown.

She said she went home after the fight but then ventured out to a local park to hang out. Brown said a group of teenagers then began following her while she was walking along Beatties Ford Road with one of her friends.

“I started hearing people calling my name and calling me,” explained Brown.

She said the group of male and female students chased her and her friend down and began attacking her. She said she tried to call 9-1-1, but couldn’t clearly communicate with dispatchers because of the attack.

“They were hitting me in the back of the head, stomping me on my arm, kicking me, yelling and all this other stuff,” said Brown.

She said a neighbor in the area ran over and stopped the attack. She said the man then gave her a ride home and spoke to her mother about what happened.

“I thought they were gonna kill me. The way that they were swinging and kicking it was aiming to literally end my life,” said the teen.

Brown and her mother then went to a local hospital to get the injuries checked out. She has a few cuts and scratches and her wrist is in a brace. The family filed a police report.

“I want them behind bars,” said Brown.

She said she thinks the people who assaulted her are friends with the girl she fought earlier in the day. She said she also wants the bullying at school to stop.

“I don’t want to wake up every day in the morning just thinking somebody’s coming after me and I have to watch my back. I don’t want to have to watch my back every day I go to school.”

No one has been charged in connection to the incident.

A spokesperson with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools said that because the incidents took place off of school grounds, the school system likely won’t investigate the situation.