Fries? No, drugs. Rock Hill police arrest man in Burger King drive-through

Jerrod Emerson
Jerrod Emerson Rock Hill Police Department

Police in Rock Hill had it their way Sunday, after charging a man with smoking pot and possession of a gun and cocaine while in the drive-through at Burger King.

In the incident around 9:40 p.m. Sunday, police were alerted that “a marijuana blunt” was being smoked in a vehicle waiting in the drive-through at the Burger King restaurant on Saluda Street in Rock Hill, a Rock Hill police report shows.

An officer pulled the vehicle over and smelled marijuana in the car, the report states. One of the people inside admitted that the occupants had just finished smoking pot, the report said.

Police searched Jerrod Raheem Emerson, 23, and found .31 grams of cocaine, the report said. They also found a stolen gun in Emerson’s boot, and another blunt on the floorboards.

Emerson was charged with cocaine and marijuana possession, having a stolen gun, and unlawful carrying of a pistol, records show.