Maye family still relishing son Luke’s game-winning shot Sunday

By Alex Giles, WBTV Reporter

The family of Huntersville native Luke Mayes
The family of Huntersville native Luke Mayes WBTV

It has been 24 hours since Huntersville native Luke Maye sank a game-winning shot to propel the North Carolina Tar Heels men’s basketball team into the Final Four.

Maye’s family is still excited about their son’s performance Sunday against the Kentucky Wildcats. The family is now back in Huntersville after watching their son in Memphis, Tennessee.

“We’re tired today, but we’re still excited and we’re kind of on a high about just the way it went yesterday,” said Aimee Maye, Luke’s mother.

In the final seconds of the game, Luke got a chance to take a shot to give the Tar Heels the lead. After a pass from teammate Theo Pinson, Luke pulled the trigger on a shot as time started to expire.

“I saw Luke running down the court and, knowing Luke, I knew he was thinking, ‘whatever it takes, whatever Theo needs me to do - whether it’s set him a screen or rebound the ball, or take a shot,’” explained Maye’s mother.

Her son nailed the shot and put the Tar Heels up by two points with less than a second left in the game. North Carolina would get the victory.

Maye’s family got a brief chance to speak to him about the shot after the game.

“He was overwhelmed, I think, really by it all. He was so excited to keep playing because he loves the guys on the team, and they’re brothers, and he really feels like they’re family which is what the Carolina basketball program is all about,” said Aimee Maye.

Luke's family members have seen the shot replayed dozens of times.

"Over and over like so many times, social media all kinds of stuff," explained Beau Maye, Luke's brother.

The Tar Heels will take on the Oregon Ducks in the Final Four this coming weekend.

Maye’s family plans to make the trip to Arizona to watch their son and his teammates compete in the Final Four. The winner of the game will go on to play for a national championship.