Kids caught on camera stealing from homes near Plaza Midwood

By Alex Giles, WBTV Reporter

Photo courtesy unnamed victim
Photo courtesy unnamed victim

Residents living near Plaza Midwood say they’ve recently spotted kids stealing items from in front of their homes.

A resident on Green Oaks Lane who asked not to be identified said that his security camera captured a child stealing a package from his front doorstep Sunday.

The video shows two children walk by the front door of the home. After the initial walk-by, one of the children comes back and grabs the package in front of the man’s home. As the child is running away with the package, he drops it and it rolls down a hill.

“I think I’m just kind of angry – a little bit disgusted at ‘why?’” explained the man.

He said he thinks the kids are probably bored and looking for something to do.

“I think it’s more tied to spring break. These kids are on spring break and bored,” hypothesized the man.

He said the package that was stolen contained pre-portioned meals from the Blue Apron company. He filed a police report with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

Another neighbor from Green Oaks Lane sent WBTV videos of children prowling around in front of her home. One of the clips shows a child stealing mail from the front door. That neighbor also filed a police report.

Neighbors say they are concerned about the recent incidents.

“What’s going to stop them from getting a little more aggressive and going into cars, smashing windows and even worse breaking into someone’s house?” questioned the man whose food was stolen.

He said the theft has made him think twice about ordering more packages that would be delivered to his home.

“I just worry, what’s going to happen tomorrow? What’s going to happen next week? What’s going to happen to the neighbors?” questioned the Green Oaks Lane resident.

Neighbor Karen Pelletier said she has a package that is set to be delivered to her home this week. She hopes the items aren’t stolen.

“That would be very disappointing because it’s stuff for my son. I work really hard to provide things so it would be a shame if they stole his Easter presents,” said Pelletier.

She said she is going to ask her neighbors to grab the package before she arrives home, in hopes that the items will make it to safety before anyone has a chance to snatch them up