Sheriff: 'Drunk, belligerent' parent causes scene at Rockwell Elementary School

By David Whisenant, WBTV Reporter

Rockwell Elementary School was placed under lockdown on Wednesday afternoon while school staff and deputies with the Rowan Sheriff's office dealt with a parent who was described as "drunk and belligerent."

Alejandro Martinez, 30, of Holobough Lane in Salisbury, was charged with resisting police, child abuse, and disorderly conduct.

According to the sheriff's report, Martinez came to the school some time after 1:00 pm to try and pick up his two children. He brought a younger child, who is a student at Bostian Elementary, with him.

School staff members told deputies that they believed Martinez was drunk and refused to allow him to take the children out of school.

Martinez was asked to leave the property.

The report says that Martinez then grabbed his child by the arm and walked out of the school. Staff members watched as he walk and in front of buses parked in the parking lot.

When deputies arrived they found Martinez and the child at the corner of Link Street and Highway 52.

Martinez refused to comply with the orders he was given by deputies, and gave them false information.

When asked how he got to the school, Martinez allegedly said that his brother had brought him there, then later said that he had driven, and later still said that he had walked.

Deputies did find a vehicle in the parking lot containing the child's backpack, and "other personal items belonging to Mr. Martinez."

When asked for the name of his wife, Martinez allegedly gave several names, all false.

Martinez remained uncooperative with deputies. He was jailed under a bond of $3000.