Man in Rock Hill jail hid marijuana between buttocks, police say

Aaron Vinson McClure
Aaron Vinson McClure

A man in the Rock Hill jail was charged late Friday after officers said he had stashed marijuana between his buttocks, police said.

Aaron Vinson McClure, 22, was charged Friday afternoon with driving under suspension, according to a Rock Hill Police Department report. In the jail around 9:30 p.m. Friday, officers “could smell the strong odor of fresh marijuana” from the cell where McClure was being held, a second police report states.

Police took McClure from the cell, and “upon searching him, located approximately 3.57 grans of marijuana in his buttocks,” the report states.

McClure freed the bag, police said, and shook his pants until the marijuana came out. Officers put the marijuana into evidence.

Police charged McClure with possession of contraband by an inmate in municipal jail, police reports show.