Rock Hill woman confronts Peeping Tom who jiggled back door lock


A Rock Hill woman caught an alleged Peeping Tom looking into her windows and called police, but the man fled before being caught, records state.

In the incident aroaund 5:30 a.m. Friday on Cherry Meadow Lane, the woman called police after seeing a man on her back porch, looking into her windows, a police report shows.

A pair of officers who responded approached the back of the house and saw a man near the house, who then saw the officers and fled on foot, police said.

Officers chased the man on foot, but were unable to apprehend him.

Detectives and a K-9 unit responded, but the man has yet to be caught.

When officers talked to the victim, she told officers that the man looked in her windows and that she heard a scraping or prying noise and sound of the back door lock being jiggled.