Former Mayor Cannon to talk politics in public forum this weekend

By Steve Crump, WBTV Reporter

Former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon
Former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon JEFF SINER - jsiner@charlotteobs

Patrick Cannon’s experiences as mayor will be part of an upcoming political forum in Charlotte this weekend.

Colette Forest heads up the Black Political Caucus, and in recent days, she sent out an email advertising the event. It is called "So You Want To Run For Public Office."

On the list of those scheduled to appear is former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon who was convicted of taking bribes while in office and served nearly two years in a federal prison.

First Baptist West Minister Dr. Ricky Woods is aware of the forum and says in the case of Cannon such a gathering could provide a platform of redemption.

"He's paid his debt to society. We have a system that says once you pay your debt to society, you ought to be afforded the same kinds of opportunities any other citizen,” Woods said. “So I welcome his engagement and involvement again to the political dialogue."

Over the local airwaves, his voice was no longer silenced.

Last month, he started a new show on old school 105.3, and the former mayor was embraced by a number of callers who found his frequency and turned the other cheek.

Forgiveness may be at the heart of his message.

"He's acknowledged publicly that he did some things wrong," Dr. Woods told WBTV.

Appearing with Cannon will be former school board member Arthur Griffin and former school board member Wilhelmina Rembert.

It’s scheduled this Saturday morning at CN Jenkins Presbyterian Church.