Catawba County Schools coach accused of statutory rape of student

Jeb Bass
Jeb Bass

A Catawba County Schools high school coach has been charged with statutory rape after allegedly having sex with a student.

Jeb Stuart Bass of Newton was also charged Monday with one count of sexual offense with a student, said the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office. Charlotte TV station WSOC reported the student involved was 15 years old.

Bass is a junior varsity JV basketball coach at Fred T. Foard High School, located on Plateau Road in Newton.

The Observer’s news partner WBTV reports Bass was suspended, with pay, pending the outcome of the investigation. Superintendent Dr. Matthew Stover told WBTV he plans to notify Bass that he intends to recommend to the Catawba County Board of Education that he be dismissed and suspended without pay.

WBTV said the district had also issued a statement: “Catawba County Board of Education’s policies prohibit any form of sexual misconduct and interaction between students and employees. The Board would like to remind all students to be ever vigilant in immediately reporting any form of sexual misconduct or sexual harassment to their parents and administrators.”

A web site for the school says Bass has been teaching high school history since 2014 when he joined the staff of Fred T. Foard High. He graduated from Fred T. Foard high school in 2007, the site says.

The investigation is ongoing and is being conducted in partnership with the Catawba County Schools administrative team, officials said.