Police still mystified at empty wheelchair, fishing gear, at Belmont riverbank


The Belmont Police Department remained stumped Monday over why a wheelchair, fishing poles and a tackle box were found unattended Sunday at a boat landing, as if a fisherman had vanished into thin air.

It is being treated as a missing person’s case.

Belmont police sent out a press release saying they were no closer to solving the mystery, which began about 1:40 p.m. Sunday at Kevin Loftin Riverfront Park Boat Landing.

“Officers arrived to find a wheelchair set up near the river. Along with the wheel chair were several fishing rods, a tackle box, and other items. Officers were unable to locate the owner,” said a statement.

The Belmont Fire Department and Charlotte Fire Department searched the water and shore line, and found nothing.

“At this time we are seeking information from the public as to who may own the property located and more importantly to verify that the owner is safe,” said a statement from the department.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call Lieutenant J. B. Davis with the Belmont Police Department at 704-866-3300.