Dale Jr. on meeting Beyoncé: ‘I locked up...That was just a little too much power’

Composite of Beyonce and Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Composite of Beyonce and Dale Earnhardt Jr. AP

Star-struck fans of NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. might like to know it’s happened to him, too.

Earnhardt was similarly wowed when he met Beyoncé and Jay Z in Monaco, the tiny independent city-state on France’s Mediterranean coast.

He recalled the encounter in a podcast released by NASCAR on Wednesday.

Earnhardt happily agreed when invited to shoot a video with Jay Z in Monaco, where he flew immediately after a race in New Hampshire.

“As soon as we landed, it was time to shoot,” Earnhardt said. “It was 8 in the morning there.”

Earnhardt walked up to Jay Z on a street. “Jay Z was leaning up against the wall. He’s like, ‘Hey man, how’s it going?”

“All right, everything’s cool,” Earnhardt said he replied.

“As soon as we start our conversation, Beyoncé walks up,” Earnhardt said. “She’d been shopping. She’s got shopping bags in her hand, and I just locked up right then. That was just a little too much power – right? – at one time. I was OK with Jay Z, but then she walked up. It was like overload. It was insane.”

Earnhardt said he and six or eight others sat to dine after the video shoot but were still waiting for Beyoncé and Jay Z when the ceiling of the restaurant suddenly opened to the sky. Just then Beyoncé and Jay Z walked in and the restaurant’s staff immediately closed the ceiling back up.

“Just like that,” a still-astonished Earnhardt said. “We’re all watching that happen and then everybody’s like, OK, here we go, we’re going to eat!”

Everybody except Jay Z and Beyoncé also enjoyed some Heinekens, the only beer available, he said.

“I don’t think they drank,” Earnhardt said of Beyoncé and Jay Z. “They were super-down-to-earth and hung out, real cool, real easy to conversate with. I didn’t think it would be easy to communicate with them because they’re so on another level, but it was awesome.”

Then everybody went their separate ways, with Earnhardt enjoying Monaco until he left the next morning.

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