Here are the names of Charlotte’s homicide victims

Among the 2017 homicide victims in Charlotte (clockwise from top left): Tyshaud Brown, Marcella Thrash, Zachary Finch, Marlo Medina-Chavez.
Among the 2017 homicide victims in Charlotte (clockwise from top left): Tyshaud Brown, Marcella Thrash, Zachary Finch, Marlo Medina-Chavez.

Of the 47 homicides reported in Charlotte this year, 17 cases remain unsolved, with no arrests made in those as of June 25, 2017.

The list of victims below includes men, women and children. In instances where a person has been charged, the defendant’s name is included. A map below shows locations of homicides in the city.

A Charlotte Observer analysis of the homicide data shows Charlotte is on pace to reach at least 98 murders this year – higher than the city’s average of 61 homicides. Already, there have been seven instances of two or three homicides happening on the same day.

In the first six months of the year, there have been just six one-week periods where police haven’t been called to the scene of a homicide.

Anyone with information about these homicides or other crimes may call 704-432-TIPS(8477) and speak to a detective or call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600. The Crime Stoppers mobile app website is at charlottecrimestoppers.com.

1. Natanael Jose Rodriguez, killed Jan. 2. No arrests made.

2. Anthony Frazier, shot Jan. 2. He died Jan. 3. Police arrested Mangasha Clark and Reginald Edmonds.

3. Shenika Simpson, killed Jan. 3. Police arrested Michael Boone.

4. Jabari Stewart, killed Jan. 4. No arrests made.

5. Massaquoi Kotay, killed Jan. 12. Police arrested Desmond Black and Shalome Scott.

6. Milton Ricardo Graham Jr., killed Jan. 12. Police arrested Latisha Johnson.

7. Thomas Louis Beatty Jr., killed Jan. 13. No arrests made.

8. Majestic Kincaid Bush, killed Jan. 17. Police arrested Chaz Bush.

9. Stephon Gregory White, killed Jan. 26. Police arrested Alexander Miller.

10. David Eadie, killed Feb. 14. Police arrested Jaquan Dosdos.

11. Walter Scott Jr., killed Feb. 15. Police arrested Roger Best.

12. Christian Isaac Allen, killed Feb. 19. Police arrested Carlos Olguin.

13. David Brannon, killed Feb. 22. Police arrested Austin Kelligan.

14. Bryan Thompson, shot Feb. 24. He died Feb. 25. Police arrested Robert Driver.

15. Germany Byers, killed March 14. Police arrested Kyerra Guinn and Johnquin Rowell.

16. Frolian Perdoma, killed March 16. Police arrested Jose Augusto Diaz-Garcia and Carlos Fernandez Rosales.

17. Yesenia McMillon, killed March 17. Police arrested Corey Shirly.

18. Deandre Olson, killed March 17. Police arrested Corey Shirly.

19. Carson David Christian Jr., killed March 21. Police arrested Treymaine Delmar Johnson.

20. Tyshaud Brown, found dead March 22. Police arrested a 15-year-old suspect.

21. Michael Morris, killed March 24. No arrests made.

22. Laymon Moore, killed March 28. No arrests made.

23. Jarel D’Shaun Grace, killed April 1. Police arrested Shenika James and James Russell Andrews.

24. Ruby Atkinson, killed April 2. Police arrested Curtis Atkinson Jr. and Nikkia Cooper.

25. Curtis Atkinson Sr., killed April 2. Police arrested Curtis Atkinson Jr. and Nikkia Cooper.

26. Jennifer Smith, killed April 5. Police arrested Leroy Anthony Cooper III.

27. Kevin Ruben Marquez, killed April 5. No arrests made.

28. Marcella Thrash, killed April 10. Police arrested Dionte Marquel Long.

29. Michael Barnwell, killed April 26. No arrests made.

30. Tiara Clark, killed May 3. Police say Byron Howington killed Clark then committed suicide.

31. Keith Lawrence Ross, killed May 16. No arrests made.

32. Marlo Johnis Medina-Chevez, found dead May 25. Police arrested Diontray Adams and James Stevens.

33. Julian Ray Williams, killed May 26. Police arrested Andre Amir Young-Johnson.

34. Anderson David Biggers, killed May 27. No arrests made.

35. Bobby Edward Wesley Jr., killed May 29. Police made one connected armed robbery charge but no murder arrest.

36. Daveon Andrews, killed May 29. No arrests made.

37. Archie McGill, burned and assaulted May 21. She died June 3. Police arrested Gary McGill.

38. Lucas Baldwin, killed June 4. Police arrested William Medlin.

39. William Weddington, killed June 5. Police arrested Maurice Grant.

40. A’dan Blackmon, injured June 7. He died June 8. Police arrested Christopher Sims.

41. Cornell Bridges, killed June 12. No arrests made.

42. Cornelius Drayton, shot June 9. He died June 15. Police arrested Lex Chisholm.

43. Zachary Finch, killed June 18. No arrests made.

44. David Sean Lindsay, killed June 20. No arrests made.

45. Sanchez McClure, killed June 20. No arrests made.

46. Jared Chatman, killed June 20. No arrests made.

47. Nelson Bismar Sosa, killed June 24. No arrests made.

The Charlotte Observer obtained information for this list from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, arrest records, court documents and interviews. Questions, updates or corrections may be emailed to adouglas@charlotteobserver.com.