Statesville family: Hospital sent package with dead daughter's bloody clothes


Relatives say on April 30th, Leslie Rogers was rushed to the hospital in Winston Salem with a gunshot wound to the head. She died later that day.

Four months later, the Rogers family received a phone call from a hospital worker who wanted to know if the family wanted their daughter's belongings.

“I asked him what they were," says Leslie's father, Mark Rogers. “They replied they don't know. They asked me for an address that they can ship them to so I gave them my address. We received a box.”

Mr. Rogers says he was at work when the package arrived and his wife opened it.

“My wife calls me and starts crying,” he said. “They shipped me the bloody clothes from my daughter that they cut off of in the emergency room.”

Rogers says he doesn't understand why hospital staff did that. He wants to know if it's standard procedure.

“I just want to know if this is normal to ship a grieving family the clothes that their daughter got killed in," Mr Rogers told WBTV. "I think it was untasteful and wrong.”

WBTV contacted Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. A spokesperson said the hospital will get back to us.