Notorious ‘Grumpy Cat’ visited Charlotte this week. Then the insults flew.


Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps and Justin Bieber got all the attention this week during the PGA Tournament at Quail Hollow, but another celebrity visited and kept a low profile.

Grumpy Cat: The internet pet sensation with 1.25 million Twitter followers and 2.3 million Instagram followers.

“I went to Charlotte once,” the cat tweeted on Aug. 10. “It was terrible.”

Ivey’s Hotel (and the city of Charlotte) retweeted the comment, which was linked to a series of photos that show the infamously unhappy cat in different parts of Ivey’s. The city also responded with a sad face emoticon.

Grumpy Cat Facebook

Most of the photos are accompanied by grumpy comments, which are the cat’s forte.

He reportedly had a “luxurious three night stay” at the hotel.

“Guests typically gather in the lobby to admire the elegant design and decor, which I quickly put a stop to by inconveniently napping in the middle of the floor,” the cat is quoted as saying. “The front desk sent me a lovely bouquet of flowers to smell. I wasn’t impressed.”

It wasn’t clear if the well-staged visit was associated with the PGA, but the Facebook posting was perfectly timed for the event.

Commenters had fun with it, too, including some who dared the cat to survive a visit to the city’s airport. Others invited him to visit their cities. “Come to my town during the weekend of the Polka Festival. We can hate it together!” posted Amelia Box. from Ennis, Texas.

The cat admitted to being recognized by at least one staff member at Ivey’s.

“I advised him to give up on his dreams,” the cat was quoted as saying.