Where are North Carolina’s Confederate monuments? Here’s a map.

New Orleans and Baltimore removed their Confederate monuments. Birmingham, Ala., Lexington, Ky. and Charlottesville, Va. – home of last week’s deadly protests – are planning to.

Is a North Carolina town next?

More than 95 monuments honoring the Confederacy dot North Carolina, according to state records.

In all, the state is home to some 120 Civil War monuments – some paying tribute to specific army units or battles, others praising women of the Confederacy. About 10 honor Union states.

Most of the monuments were dedicated between 1900 and 1925, data show. The most recent statute sits on private property in Johnson County. It was dedicated in 2010 and honors Confederate General Joseph Johnston.

Johnston lead the Army of Northern Virginia before being wounded in 1862 and replaced by General Robert E. Lee.

Search North Carolina’s Civil War monuments using the map below.

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