Parents fight at Clover youth football game over playing time, York Co. deputies say


A fight between parents at a youth football game apparently started after a child did not get to play and coaches were yelled at from the stands, prompting a York County police investigation.

A woman told York County Sheriff’s Office deputies, who were called to a “fight” at the youth game Saturday at Clover Middle School, that some people were yelling at coaches and being disorderly, a police report shows.

The woman told officers that another woman pushed her son down, starting a fight between the two women. The woman told officers that a man grabbed her and slammed her to the pavement, then punched and choked her, the report states.

The woman had injuries, including a puncture wound on her elbow that was so severe that bone could be seen and required medical attention, officers said.

On Sunday, officers spoke to a man who confirmed that both he and his wife were involved in the “altercation.”

The man told deputies they got upset that their nephew did not get to play, and that the child was crying. He claimed the woman who was taken for medical attention came out of the stands at the game yelling at them, then confronted them in a parking lot, the report says.

At least one player was throwing Gatorade bottles at people involved in the fight, the report states.

Police are seeking video surveillance from the school, but the report stated that “it does appear that all parties on the scene were mutual combatant.”

No charges were filed, but the investigation is ongoing, police said.