York man charged with components to make bomb, threatening to “blow up police station”

Michael Edward Brown
Michael Edward Brown York County Sheriff’s Office

A York man threatened Monday to “blow up the police station,” and had set up an “incendiary device” in his trailer before he could be arrested, according to police and jail records.

Michael Edward Brown, 45, of Lincoln Road, did not set off any bombs or other materials, a police report shows. The police report says Brown threw what is believed to be an incendiary device on the ground near a deputy who responded to Brown’s mobile home.

Deputies and forensic officers recovered “components necessary to construct an improvised explosive device” as well as photographs, the police report shows. Brown was taken into custody, but officers recovered “a clear tube and silver pellets attached to a wire” in the door of the camper, police said.

Brown was taken to Piedmont Medical Center for a medical evaluation, then cleared before he was arrested, the police report stated.

York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson said in a statement Tuesday a broken mental health system continues to put the safety of the public and law enforcement officers in jeopardy.

“We continue to see the effects of a broken mental health system in this state and our country,” Tolson said. “Our officers are dealing with individuals who are at a crisis stage because they are not receiving the level of care that they need. This is not just a law enforcement issue – this is a community issue and if not addressed quickly and appropriately, our officers and our citizens will continue to face grave danger.”

Brown, who is on probation after pleading guilty in May to breaking a York County jail sprinkler head while in custody, is charged with possession or manufacture of explosives, bomb threats, illegal use of 911 and threatening a public official, York County Sheriff’s Office jail records show. Brown is being held on a $56,000 bond after he was booked about 7:30 p.m. Monday, jail records show.

A second police report shows on Sunday, deputies were notified by several emergency dispatchers that Brown called 911 several times using foul language. Brown called 911 seven times Sunday, and also allegedly called police departments in Clover, Rock Hill and Tega Cay.

The incident started about 9:15 a.m. Monday when Brown called 911 and hung up after he asked to speak to his parole officer, a police report from the incident states. Deputies responded and were told by Brown, “You better not come near my trailer,” the report states.

Reports show deputies responded to a second 911 call about a dog, then a third in which Brown threatened to “blow up the police station” and if police came closer to his mobile home, Brown would “blow” the trailer.

Brown threatened to harm officers and pointed a metal baseball bat at them, the report states, while saying he had rigged the mobile home with explosives. While deputies were speaking to Brown, he smashed walls and windows of the mobile home, police said.

The sheriff’s office SWAT team was called in, but Brown was taken into custody before SWAT was required to act, said Trent Faris, spokesman for the sheriff’s office.