In angry rant, ex McDonald’s employee asked a Hispanic customer to spell ‘deportation’

An employee at a Charlotte-area McDonald’s has been fired after she was caught on camera berating a customer, and asking her to spell and say “deportation.”

Wendy Rios, the customer, posted the video to her Facebook page Saturday, and it’s been shared more than 5,000 times.

In the post, she said she felt “assaulted” by the employee’s rant. The argument started after Rios, a Hispanic woman, asked about her order and for more ketchup. At that moment, the employee began to yell at her, Rios told Observer news partner WBTV.

At one point, the employee shut the drive-thru window and gives Rios her middle finger.

After reopening the window, the employee asks, “Can you say deportation? Can you say that?” She also repeated President Donald Trump’s name multiple times.

The owner of the east Charlotte McDonald’s condemned the employee’s actions in a written statement, and she has since been fired, multiple media reported.

Rios decided to record the encounter after having poor service at the restaurant before, and told Fox 46 she hopes others learn from the video.

"I treat everyone like a person. Not like you're white, or you black or you Chinese, or Korean, Mexican or Guatemalan. No,” Rios told Fox 46. “I treat everyone like the same.”

LaVendrick Smith; @LaVendrickS