Be a student for a day at One Day University

Miss the college experience but not the term papers and exams? One Day University, sponsored by The Charlotte Observer, can help.

At the Saturday, Nov. 4, event, four professors will present talks on history, psychology, science and music from 9:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. at Dana Hall at Queens University, 1928 Selwyn Ave., in the Myers Park area of Charlotte.

Participating professors:

▪ Robert Watson, a professor of American studies at Lynn University, speaking on “WWII: Surprising Stories You Never Learned in History Class.”

▪ Brian Carpenter, a professor of psychology at Washington University in St. Louis, speaking on “The Art of Aging: Discovering New Sources of Creativity.”

▪ Jessica Payne, a professor of psychology and director of the Sleep, Stress, and Memory Lab at the University of Notre Dame, speaking on “The Science of Stress and Sleep: How They Affect Creativity, Focus, and Memory.”

▪ Orin Grossman, who performs and lectures throughout the U.S. and Europe and teaches performing arts at Fairfield University, speaking on “Three Musical Masterpieces That Every Music Lover Should Listen To.”

The cost is $195 per person.

For more information or to register, visit the One Day University website.

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