Apartment complex residents face days without water during repairs

Residents of the apartments bring water home.
Residents of the apartments bring water home.

Tenants at the Retreat at McAlpine Creek are without water, again. Some residents say they are now going on three days with dry faucets.

“It’s been a nightmare,” one resident says.

Most are now getting their entire water supply from a tanker truck parked on site.

“It’s not cutting it anymore,” resident Ryan Heefner says of the situation.

Management originally told the residents months ago the water would be shut off for a few hours at a time for repairs. But now, it was shut off with no apparent warning to residents, and has been off for days.

“It’s almost uninhabitable at this point,” Heefner says.

Caution tape lines much of the property, and families are filling up coolers, pots, whatever they can, and hauling them back to their homes.

“It’s like no end in sight,” a resident says.

The latest message from the complex reportedly came in Thursday afternoon, saying crews are working to replace a valve on site.

But many neighbors say they have had enough.

“That’s little comfort when you still have no water,” Heefner says.

One resident told WBTV Thursday she has called Code Enforcement to come take a look at the situation. Another says he wants to talk to a lawyer to get out of his lease.