Panthers Cam Newton fist bumps a young fan through fence. Watch hilarious reaction.

The fist bump that made a kid’s day.
The fist bump that made a kid’s day.

Carolina Panther Cam Newton was praised by football fans nationwide Thursday after ESPN retweeted a brief clip of him fist bumping a young fan outside the practice field in Charlotte.

The boy’s reaction was nothing short of ecstatic, and social media loved it.

Once Newton returns the boy’s greeting through an iron fence, the fan howls in excitement and is then seen bouncing up and down, arms waving. “Cam turned that kid into a rabbit!” tweeted Dave Burleigh.

The Panthers tweeted out the 10-second clip Thursday and it had been retweeted 1,600 times and liked another 6,000 times by noon on Friday. Among the retweets was ESPN, which noted “Cam Newton made this young fan’s day.” The ESPN retweet got 7,600 likes.

“We will be playing you guys on Sunday as adversaries on the field, but off the field I have nothing but respect for Cam. He's always been great with fans,” tweeted Vikings Spin, a fan site for the Minnesota Vikings.

“Well done Cam. Small gestures mean a lot to some folks. Other sports stars could try more of this kinda thing more often,” tweeted Ryan Hill.

“I don’t care how he talks or doesn’t talk to the media. Cam is a class act when it comes to kids. After every TD he gives or makes his teammates give the ball to a kid in the stands. That’s what it is all about,” tweeted Kevin Aaron Fletcher‏.

Of course, a few fans couldn’t help but post a little humor.

“Shortly after, NFL referees flagged the child for excessive celebration,” said one tweet.

Coincidentally, Panther Luke Kuechly also got some social media love for a more unusual act of fan kindness. He apparently let a young fan try on his cleats at practice. “This was so special. Thank you so much!” tweeted Chris Hunt, who included a photo of a young boy wearing Kuechly’s shoes.