50-state survey shows NC is obsessed with mayonnaise. Why?

Whether it’s Duke’s Mayonnaise or Hellman’s, North Carolinians love this stuff.
Whether it’s Duke’s Mayonnaise or Hellman’s, North Carolinians love this stuff. clowenst@newsobserver.com

What is it with North Carolinians and mayonnaise?

Walmart has released a list of 2017’s top-selling items on Walmart.com, and mayonnaise was the big seller in North Carolina. Among the other top items in the state: electric knives.

The retailer’s survey included the top sellers for each of the 50 states.

For South Carolina, the biggie was coin banks. Garage door openers were also popular.

Strange, yes, but there are stranger items at the top of the list in the other states. In Florida, sparkling cider was the big seller. Wisconsin can’t get enough of Green Bay Packer bath mats, and Rhode Island is crazy about Christmas lights.

The Business Insider notes Walmart gathers more data than any other U.S. retailer on what Americans are buying, because of the sheer size of its market share.

As for the reason North Carolina bought so much mayonnaise, the Charlotte Observer has written multiple stories on the state’s obsession with mayonnaise, including the ongoing debate about whether Duke’s or Hellman’s is the best of the best.

Observer food editor Kathleen Purvis suggests part of the allure has to do with the state’s obsession with midsummer tomato sandwiches, featuring white bread, mayonnaise and slices of tomato.

North Carolina was one of only two states on the 2017 Walmart list that had a condiment as a top-selling item, along with Oklahoma, which loved barbecue sauce more than anything else on the planet.

Eighteen states had a food item, candy or a drink as their best seller. Nevada charted with dog treats and and New Mexico with cat food.

Walmart created the product map by looking at the 25 most popular items purchased on Walmart.com in each state, and highlighted what it felt were the quirky ones.