Two dogs came at a man, then police, before a Fort Mill officer pulled out his taser.

A Fort Mill police officer had to use non-lethal force against a dog after a man said two animals charged him, before charging officers.

A man told Fort Mill police two “vicious dogs” were running loose Dec. 27 on Wellspring Drive, according to a police report. The man told police he heard the dogs and went outside to see what was happening, and they charged at him.

An officer found the dogs in a yard and talked the resident there. The dogs were “aggressively running up and down the fence” while barking and biting at the fence, the report states, and another dog was on the other side.

The dogs growled and charged at the officer who was speaking with the resident before turning toward another officer who came up the the driveway, the report says. The dogs aggressively approached the second officer, circling him to within a few feet, the report says.

The officer tased the closest dog, and the other one ran away.

Officers found the owner of the dogs, who doesn’t live on the road where the incident happened but on a connecting street. The owner told police the dogs accidentally were left out by someone else. York County Animal Control responded and issued a citation to the owner for violation of leash law.