This new survey has a lot of good things to say about driving in NC

Keep your traffic complaints to yourself. It turns out North Carolina is a pretty great state for driving.

That’s according to WalletHub, which ranks the state as the fifth best in the country to drive in.

The personal finance website recently ranked each state across 23 key factors of a positive commute, including gas prices, rush hour traffic and road quality. Only Texas, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa were ranked higher than North Carolina.

North Carolina was seen as a particularly good state to afford a car, and ranked as the third best place for car ownership. It’s relatively cheap to take care of a car in the state as well, according to WalletHub, which ranked North Carolina as the 11th best state for access to vehicle maintenance.

North Carolina fared better than South Carolina, which was seen as the 30th best state for driving. South Carolina was mostly held back by its safety ranking, as WalletHub considered it one of the least safe states to drive.

Source: WalletHub

LaVendrick Smith: @LaVendrickS