Get a load of Ric Flair as KFC’s latest Colonel Sanders...in a feathered robe

Ric Flair as Col Sanders
Ric Flair as Col Sanders

Anything can happen in the WWE, and Ric Flair proved it Sunday when he came out of retirement at The Royal Rumble to wrestle as KFC’s latest Colonel Sanders.

It was more a promotional gimmick than a match, but it’s being reported that a legitimate commercial was filmed at the event.

On Sunday, the Hall of Famer Flair won by outlasting wrestlers Rusev and Mike “the Miz” Mizanin. Both sort of fell out of the ring, with Flair giving them a boost.

KFC made the victory official with a tweet dubbing Flair “Col. Rumble.”

“Many have worn the white suit, but only one colonel can wear the robe. KFC and @WWE are proud to announce Colonel Flair as the champion of the 2018 Colonel Rumble. Wooo!”

The match was part of a Royal Rumble pay-per-view WWE event in Philadelphia. It wasn’t made clear if Flair would make the transition from a Colonel Sanders of the ring to one of the Colonel Sanders characters featured in the national ad campaign. (Singer Reba McEntire is the latest Colonel Sanders.)

Wrestling legend Ric Flair survived a recent hospital scare, just another example of how the Nature Boy continues to cheat death.

However, the Wrestling News reports the Sunday event was staged for filming a commercial. The storyline: The Miz and Rusev were fighting for the opportunity to be the new Colonel Sanders, when Flair showed up in full colonel garb and shoved them over the ropes to assert himself for the role.

Fans appeared to be thrilled at the sight of Flair back in the ring no matter the reason, and lauded his combination of Sanders’ white hair, beard and glasses with one of Flair’s classic rhinestone covered robes.

“Ric Flair dressed as Colonel Sanders may be the best thing you see all day. Wooooooo!” tweeted Steven Gunter.

“If this is not an official commercial, someone somewhere needs to be fired,” tweeted another fan.

“Ric Flair almost died, looked God in the face and WOOOO, came back to us – all to do a KFC commercial at the #RoyalRumble as Col. Sanders,” tweeted Sean.

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