A human skull drifts ashore from NC’s Albemarle Sound. A grisly mystery is born.

Geese flying over the Albemarle Sound where a murder mystery is brewing.
Geese flying over the Albemarle Sound where a murder mystery is brewing. News & Observer

A human skull mysteriously washed up on the banks of North Carolina’s Albemarle Sound over the weekend, igniting conspiracies of missing boaters and a decapitated escapee.

The skull appeared near the water’s edge in the Perquimans County village of New Hope, an unincorporated community five hours northeast of Charlotte, reported the Daily Advance. A New Hope resident spotted the skull about noon Saturday, where Web Street meets the Albemarle Sound, it was reported.

It is now in the hands of Greenville medical examiner’s office, outlets report.

Who it belongs to has become the talk of the county, which has fewer than 15,000 residents. Some believe the skull could be a missing boater lost in nearby waters two years ago. Others say it belongs to a prisoner who escaped from the Chowan County Detention Center, reports the Virginian-Pilot.

In April 2016, the decapitated body of 26-year-old Kelvin Singleton was found in a field in Merry Hill, 13 miles from the Chowan County Detention Center. WAVY reported at the time that Singleton had made his escape using a weapon fashioned from his toothbrush. He forced an officer to release him.

The body was identified as Singleton by his fingerprints but his head was never found. The case remains unsolved.

A dental records check and DNA testing are to be performed on the skull, to see if it’s Singleton’s, reported WAVY.

“There’s no telling where somebody could dump something,” Perquimans Sheriff Shelby White told the Virginian-Pilot.