A Carolina Panther offering us romance advice? Yes, Dr. Love is in the house.

Carolina Panther Kyle Love is...Dr. Love, giver of advice for the lovelorn.
Carolina Panther Kyle Love is...Dr. Love, giver of advice for the lovelorn. Carolina Panthers

One of the Carolina Panthers’ defensive tackles has emerged this week as the team’s unofficial “love doctor.”

Kyle Love, who signed with the team in 2014, has racked up 53,000 views in day for a funny clip that features him dispensing romance advice as the black-suited character Dr. Love.

The video was tweeted by the Carolina Panthers on Valentine’s Day and it has since gotten 1,000 reactions, including retweets by teammates Jonathan Stewart, Trai Turner, Zack Sanchez and Kawann Short.

Love’s quirky guidance in the video ranges from legitimate ideas on romantic food and music to preposterous tips on what to do if you set up two dates in one day.


Chuck from Spartanburg asks, is it a deal breaker to discover your girlfriend is a New England Patriots fan?

“Leave her,” Love says.

Chelsea from Gastonia wants to know if it’s OK for a woman to call first if she had a really good date with a guy days earlier?

“If the guy hasn’t texted you back by now...or called...or anything of that nature, (it’s) more than likely he didn’t have as good a first date as you did. Time to find a new guy,” says Love.

As for Brianna of Concord, who felt guilty over setting up two dates in one day, Love was surprised she even had to ask for advice.

“Hey, you don’t have to be any kind of a Love Doctor to know the answer to this,” he says in the video. “Duh: Go with both of them. Just schedule them at different times...Be a boss.”

The three-minute video was produced by the Panthers’ digital media team. However, the credits humorously cite other team members as the production team, including Greg Van Roten as associate producer, Julius Peppers in charge of lighting and Brenton Bersin as sound mixer.